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Oxford Street West

Area of focus: Traffic Changes off Oxford Street West


Oxford Street West

This scheme proposes changes to traffic in an area off Oxford Street West, the changes are as follows:

  • Reverse traffic on Park Street (between Upper Brook Street and Oxford Street) and North Audley Street (from Grosvenor Square and Oxford Street)
  • Introduce a right hand turn off Orchard Street onto Wigmore Street
  • Introduce a right hand turn off Portman Street onto Wigmore Street
  • Reverse southbound traffic on Orchard Street for buses, taxis and cycles only from Portman Mews South to Oxford Street
Oxford Street West

The Proposals

The Proposals

Improving capacity and resilience in Marylebone

The introduction of right turns onto Portman Square/Wigmore Street from Portman Street and Orchard Street respectively will add capacity and resilience into the traffic network by offering drivers more options and direct routes

However, only buses, taxis and cycles will be permitted to run south on Orchard Street from Portman Mews South, this will help to minimise delays to buses.

Reversal of traffic in North Mayfair

North Audley Street and Park Street’s traffic reversal will lead to a general traffic reduction in North Mayfair. The project will remove through traffic in the area which will be dispersed to larger-capacity roads, such as Park Lane and Edgware Road.

Less vehicular traffic in North Mayfair will enable more time for pedestrian crossing at Oxford Street junctions and significantly reduce pedestrian and vehicular conflict and improve the safety.

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Responses to your questions


  • Will the introduction of the right turns increase traffic queuing on Wigmore Street?

    The changes to the road network allow more direct routes throughout the area. The proposed right hand turns onto Wigmore Street are an example of this strategic change. By allowing turns onto Wigmore Street, drivers will have more options which enable more dispersed traffic and less queuing at each junction.

  • Where will private vehicles be permitted to go at the Portman/Wigmore/Orchard Streets junction if Orchard Street southbound is only for buses, cycles and taxis?

    Vehicles impacted by the proposed bus, taxi and cyclist-only section of Orchard Street will be encouraged to divert onto Great Cumberland Place as early as possible on their journey using wayfinding signs. Vehicles that remain on the street up to the start of the restriction could turn into Portman Mews South but it is not expected that many vehicles would use this route as there are more legible alternatives.

  • What is the impact on the surrounding network?

    The proposed changes help traffic to avoid the restrictions on Oxford Street without impacting on narrow, quiet residential streets.

  • Will there be any changes to bus stops in the area?

    None in this proposal.

  • What happens next?

    July & August 2023 - Public Consultation (complete)
    Autumn 2023 review
    Summer 2024 Traffic Management Order consultation
    Autumn 2024 Subject to Public Consultation and Cabinet Member approval construction work begins.