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Eastcastle Street

Area of focus: Eastcastle Street and Junction Improvements


Eastcastle Street

  • Remove the traffic signals at the Eastcastle Street and Wells Street junction and install a zebra crossing on Wells Street, North of Eastcastle Street
  • Implement two-way traffic on Eastcastle Street between Wells Street and Berner Street only
  • Raise the junction of Eastcastle Street and Wells Street
  • Move the zebra crossing from the north side of Berners Street to the south side of the Eastcastle Street / Berners Street junction
Eastcastle Street

The Proposals

The Proposals

The programme includes changes to Eastcastle Street to provide more options and direct routes for drivers within the network. Traffic will be able to turn left off Wells Street eastbound onto Eastcastle Street, therefore, allowing two-way traffic between Wells Street and Berners Street.

The traffic flow passing along Eastcastle Street is relatively low for a signalised junction. The proposed removal of the traffic signals allows for a more human focussed design with traffic calming strategies being implemented for the junction of Wells and Eastcastle Streets. The streetscape will allow for greater space for pedestrian circulation. Furthermore, the roadway at the junction will be raised to be flush with the street's footways and a zebra crossing installed on the north side of Wells Street.

The zebra crossing on Berners Street will be moved from the north to the south of the Berners Street and Eastcastle Street junction. This will allow for safer pedestrian crossings as eastbound vehicles from Eastcastle Street take a left turn onto Berners Street.

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Responses to your questions


  • Why change the streets to two-way traffic instead of one?

    Roads with two-way traffic are proven to have slower moving traffic compared to roads that are one-way. Additionally, two-way traffic allows vehicles to take more direct routes throughout the network resulting in shorter journeys, less traffic circulating in the area and reduced noise. The goal of these changes is to create a calmer and safer street scape for all users.

  • Will this bring more traffic to the neighbourhood?

    No, this change would not be expected to attract traffic.

  • Why remove the traffic signal at the Eastcastle/Wells Streets junction?

    As noted above, the junction is a low traffic junction. The signal is not necessary and causes unnecessary delays to road users. The scheme proposes zebra crossings as a safer and more efficient option for pedestrians and drivers.

  • What happens next?

    July & August 2023 - Public Consultation (complete)
    Autumn 2023 review
    Summer 2025 Traffic Management Order consultation
    Autumn 2025 Subject to Public Consultation and Cabinet Member approval construction work begins.